The Rookie Chief in Duke Hill



Shu-Cheng Kuo has just become the youngest village chief in Taiwan. As a 25-year-old fresh college graduate who identifies himself as a “rebellious leftist”, he is now in the front line of politics, facing mundane tasks, conservative system and the annoying elderly citizens—in his own words. He is constantly challenged by the residents. Conflicts can be caused by issues as trivial as free lanterns for Lantern Festival or as big as sidewalk renovation or the construction of Village Activity Center.

Is this young man really a good fit for a village chief? Does he see this position merely as a launchpad for his future political career or a possibility to break the pedantic political system? We might not know the answer, be we can be sure that the four-year-long tenure is not going to be easy for Kuo.

Awards & Screenings

  • Taiwan Public Television Short Documentary Grant
  • DMZ Docs Development Fund
  • CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum – Audience Choice Award
  • New Taipei City Documentary Awards
  • Golden Harvest Awards – Nominated for Best Documentary Short