About Us

Founded in 2018, the Authentic Film Productions is established by Yen Hao Chen and Boan Wang.

With Chen coming from a fiction background and Wang coming from a documentary background, they both believe in the power of moving image and sound. They are dedicated to crafting arts that deliver unique point of views to the audience via both fiction or non-ficton works.

Our previous works including The Rookie Chief in Duke Hill, The Border Within, Home Abroad and Our Stories (Podcast).

Yen Hao Chen

Co-Founder, Executive Producer & Director

Yen Hao Chen is an award-winning filmmaker with over 8 years of writing and directing short films.

His documentary short, The Rookie Chief in Duke Hill, won the Audience Choice Award in CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum (CCDF), and was nominated Best Documentary Short in the Golden Harvest Awards. It also won Development Fund from DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and was supported by Taiwan Public Television Service Documentary Short Fund.

Boan Wang

Co-Founder, Director & Editor

Boan Wang earned a bachelor in radio and television department of NCCU in Taipei, specializing in screenwriting and directing. In 2015, he won a full scholarship from European Commission to pursue his master’s degree in documentary directing, as part of Erasmus Mundus Master Program, Docnomads. Having both fiction and non-fiction background, he intends to experiment both forms in his work.

His first documentary short, Home Abroad, premiered at DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in Asian Competition, and was screened at Kasseler Dokfest, FIDMarseille (as part of FIDCampus), Dokufest (Kosovo) and Winterthur International Short Film Festival. His last documentary, The Border Within, won the Documentary Short Fund of Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS).